Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Leg 4 La Palma to Grenada (Or Barbados if it looks better=?ISO-8859-1?Q?=85?=)

Leg 4 La Palma to Grenada (Or Barbados if it looks better…)

WE had a great time in La Palma. The marina was quite bouncy with the swell ricocheting from one side to the other but after securing well it was quite tenable. Amanda's parents arrived and it was great to see them. The Boys had a high old time and stayed 3 night in their apartment. Amanda and I went out together which was fun and had many enjoyable meals with Granny and Grandpa. I settled down to do my paperwork, which had been haunting me, and finally got 90% away which is all that I could hope for.

Granny took an armful of papers back to the UK along with used charts and general filing….the paperwork just doesn't stop!

We spent a few early days readying the boat so as to have time to enjoy the family contact, and after a lovely swim and dinner in the Real Club Nautico La Palma, we said goodbye and we returned to Pegasus to leave the following morning, 8th December.

Whilst in la Palma we managed to acquire a whole stem of green Bananas so we hope they will ripen as we head south. They are living in the Dinghy astern along with our Christmas tree…ok, so it's the top of a pine tree..but it will look good with a few lights and baubles on it, even if it is just a twigged skeleton!!

What a lovely first day. Sun shining, wind at 10-14Kts, good sailing. We even managed 5 hours with the spinnaker up. Pegasus is going well, although we seem to be using quite a bit of power. I will look at that.

Its great to be back on board and find the rhythm again. We allowed ourselves a cooked breakfast of sausages and eggs when Louis finally woke up and enjoyed a day pottering about getting sorted. Amanda made Spaghetti Bolognaise for supper, which we all ate together at sunset and the boys went to bed at 7.30. After the allowances of the on shore existence I'm sure both boys will settle and enjoy the routing of life on board again…up at sunrise, bed at sunset.

Today, our second is quite different. Overcast, a little rainy and its back to jumpers. We do have good wind though, with 15-20kts NE giving us a steady 7-9kts goose winged, so we should make better mileage and get further SW and hopefully into some warmer weather.

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