Sunday, 23 November 2008

Leg 3 The Canaries 15/11/08 onwards

After our extended stay in Lanzarote we sailed down the east coast of Fuerteventura spending our first night at anchor in Gran Tarajal. I’ve got to say I was a little nervous of anchoring again but luckily the hook dug deep and sure so we were happy. We went ashore for Pizza and the boys played on the beach, which they loved. Back on board we decided to push on in the morning and after a fitful night with ground swell we up anchored and headed off to Morro Jable some 25 miles further on.

Moro Jable was quite basic but pleasant and quiet. After lunch we all went down to the beach and swam and climbed sand dues which was great fun. It was just good to do some family stuff after so much work and stress. We had a lovely dinner on board and an early night as we were going to be up early the following day for our passage to Gran Canaria.

4 am and a quiet dawn. We motored out and set sails at dawn. The motion was no that pleasant with a beam sea but the wind was good some 15-20 knots and we made good speed. Louis was quite sick, poor boy, and was fairly subdued until our arrival early in the afternoon. We arrived at 13.30 to a very busy and crowded Las Palmas.

The Marina was full as was the adjacent anchorage. The Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC) is due to start on 28th so the place was packed. We tried to anchor 4 times but could not get a good hold. On the 5th occasion it dug in but I was not really happy. We headed off into town to get a few bits we had ordered and were back on board by 6.30 having decided to push on the following day.

I had last been in Las Palmas in 1999 and the amount of development was staggering. I hardly recognised the place…not really for us. Had we been 6 burly blokes doing an Atlantic crossing that would have been another thing, but we are a family and so it was just not for us.

We left early and by 8am were clear on the headland having motor sailed north to clear the island. The wind was again 15-20 with a beam sae and again poor old Louis was sick. We arrived in Tenerife at about 15.30 that day some 60 miles later, and tucked into the marina in Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz is quite beautiful with stunning architecture and tree lined streets. It reminds us of Madeira. I‘m sure we will enjoy our stay.

Poor old JJ has to have his Yellow fever injection, so today, Amanda and the boys have gone off to see to that, and I’m on board with the electrician who is installing a new high power alternator to help run our fridge, which uses an inordinate amount of power. It’s just a toss up of a new fridge system or more power generation. I’ve gone for the cheaper option although I know that we will have to do something about the fridge in due course!!!


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