Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Leg 3 Still the Canaries!

Leg 3 Still the Canaries!

It took longer than expected to install the new alternator. Old Raul the electrician, a 30 something local with pigeon English just couldn't say no to anyone, so spent time with other boats as well as us. In the end we had the alternator and regulator fitted and installed a Diode bridges in each engine room so that all batteries could be charged simultaneously. We also sorted out the energy monitor so that it reads true. Im not sure if this is a good thing as I now know that our beloved fridge / freezer draws some 40 amps when charging! I've got to do something about that!

As Raul stepped off the boat with his pockets bulging with the last of my Euros, so we left Santa Cruz and sailed sedately down the East side of Tenerife, dropping our anchor in Bahia De Abona just after sunset. We spent quite a rolly night at the head of the bay with waves crashing against the rocks some 50 meters away. Not a relaxed nights sleep for me even though we laid a Danforth as well as a CQR. Its going to take some time to regain my confidence in our anchors.

Up early and away on a still morning. The swell was down and we motor sailed round the south of Tenerife as dawn was breaking. A school of Pilot Whales found us and joined us for a mile or two before leaving to carry on their journey. We had a pleasant crossing to La Gomera on a glassy sea and arrived after lunch…err…that is the English lunch. The Spanish lunch finished at 4pm when, after fuelling up, we went alongside in what was a crowded but pretty marina.

Tapas ashore, which we all enjoyed and the boys had a good run around the square while we were eating. San Sebastian is a quaint, local town without the hustle and bustle of the other cities we have been in. It reminded us of Machico in Madeira. Small and personable.

The Idea of going to San Sebastian was that the marina had wifi, there was a beach within half a mile and a small town. Amanda and the boys could go to the beach and be away from the boat while I compiled our tax returns and e-mailed them to the accountants in the UK along with some other paperwork I needed to do.

The Reality was that it was cold and overcast so, although the beach did not get as much action as was intended, the family saw the town and all the local play parks while I got on with the paperwork. Needless to say the wifi did not work, so it was not ideal.

After 3 nights and a pleasant stay we set off to La Palma some 60 miles north west of La Gomera. We had heard that the new Marina there had opened, the facilities were good and that it was quite empty. We had intended to leave a few days later but the wind was light and in a favourable direction so we headed off after a Spanish breakfast…about 10.30… and motor sailed up to Santa Cruz in La Palma.

Amanda's Parents are taking a holiday in La Palma so we shall see them in a few days. The Boys will love that before the transatlantic and its Amanda's Birthday on Wednesday so a jolly time should be in store for all. It should also give us the space we need to stock up and ready Pegasus for her second transatlantic this year.

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