Saturday, 22 August 2009

Right Here, Right Now

Right here, right now…

Its 4am, 22nd August. Amanda's finished her 12-4 and I'm up now for the duration. Its 29 degrees and its going to be a hot one.

We're 15 degrees south, 165 west, heading 230 slowly….basically in the middle of nowhere…850 miles W of Bora Bora, 250 miles SW of Suwarow 250 miles SE of American Samoa and 450 miles NE of Vavau, Tonga, our destination.

It's harry flatters. I mean absolutely flat… glass, like oil. There's no moon or cloud, but light by the stars, mirrored on the surface of the water. Astern there's a trail of bioluminescence, a brief mark of our passage over waters were unlikely to see again, ahead a lost horizon, where stars stop and the ink begins. Breathtaking in its beauty and humbling in its magnitude, we are a speck on the Pacific. An insignificant 120 square meters of family life….Hmmmm…. don't want to dwell on that too long!!

I've got 2 hours before the boys are up and 7 weeks of blog to write…so that's not going to happen….I might get it wrapped before the wind kicks in… tomorrow, later, who knows, but when it gets here its going to blow old boots. Were in the SPCZ (South Pacific Convergence Zone) and its all or nothing. If historics are anything to go by we can expect 35Kts SW and 4-5 meter seas with a 5-7 second frequency…I had better tuck some more southing in the bank…

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